Apples don’t fall very far from there trees, In this certain case Aniya was destined for stardom and to be indamix brought up in a creative circle of cultured musicians and artists It shouldn’t be hard. With a persevering father continually indamix working overtime and a half to pursue his/her dreams along with grinding 24/7 to support  her  he would give her the world  and that is what he plans to do. Currently in school , vocal lessons and gymnastics she finds time to squeeze in recording sessions here and there to soon finish her debut record dedicated to animals. Her love for life and all creatures big and small embodies a compassionate kindred spirit who would rescue an ant if it was in danger. Aniya has been around talented individuals since birth soaking up game on all fronts, with a 6 ft tall Nigerian Godfather (RK-1) & having R/B sensation Rose walk around the house humming angelic tunes It wasn’t hard for her to grow up cultured respecting all walks of life and knowing if someone can sing in pitch or not..Aniya has that magnetic personality that her peers gravitate to and has always been a leader which in turn will turn her into a head strong young little lady who will conquer her dreams and make them reality.

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