Vito y Coco (2000) Buy on iTunes

This album is an all time classic! Nestled on the Xbox, Amped has gained Vito y Coco worldwide exposure.. Containing 22 bangin tracks featuring laid back melodies & grooves with a world music twist.. MYG sampling all genres of cultures intertwining harmonious tones to move your chakras.. a definite must swoop for anyone who loves music!

Track List:

1. Untouchable Feat. DJ Wicked
2. Theme Song
3. I’m Just a Poet
4. Tha Storytella
5. Space Age 2000
6. Lyrical High
7. Racin Da Clock Feat. MYG, Kable Roc, N8 the Gr8, Shipwreck, RK1
8. Come Into Da Soundbooth
9. You Are Slepping
10. Flashy Wordz
11. Life Goes On
12. Wolf in Sheeps Clothing Feat. Zelle Roc
13. Voodoo Lounge Music Feat. Brian Lynch
14. Shape Shiftin’
15. Runnin of Da Bulls
16. Regrets
17. Sand Dune Planet
18. Someday This War Will End
19. Pretending Life Is Wonderful Feat. Jay Meer
20. Only Wanna Be a Lover 2U Feat. Dee Arthur
21. Lemme Hear You Say
22. This Mission Doesn’t Exist