Hands Down one of the dopest records to ever grace the planet resurrecting the essence of real Hip Hop . Bringing back that 90’s era of raw emceeing and razor sharp turntable wizardry nestled in some the hottest unique production by some the best beatmakers to do it.

MY-G out did himself on this title fusing some the most rawest individuals compiled onto one album. This isn’t a compilation but an actual record with collabos actually who were in indamix studios and laced there verses while they were in Portland networking with MY-G.

A must have for any tastemaker who appreciates Raw underground sound with a polished well EQ’d mix. All tracks mixed by MY-G and mastered by Dana White of Specialized mastering. Read the titles for some the features and lay your ears on the snippets and make sure to cop this one!

Producers: Smoke / Roy the Arkitek / Jah Sun (MOOD) / Coley Cole / MY-G

DJ’S: Wicked / Chill / Rocky Rock