Another banger with a message. What’s the message you ask? Good Question. With a wide range of talented artists MY-G handpicked for this jump off this recording, it makes a lot of sense to ask. The hustle and bust-ill of the city these visions accomodate any walk of life with subtle hints of the obstacles that may arise on your paths to living well.

MY-G selects a few producers to parley. Roy the Arkitek and Smoke just to name a couple. Branding the skills to lay down the speakers and vibrate your thoughts as MY-G embellishes live instrumentation and a wild array of audio wizardry to produce “Always on da clock” .

This record embodies authentic stories of a father, trying to keep food on the table for his family while sticking to strict guidelines of morals to keep a righteous head. This album is a must for the struggling peeps of the planet. Keep it in mind while you dream, and dream toward your goals. Always on the Clock. Get it. It might just change your thoughts.